About Boxes ETC

Boxes Etc., Inc. was established as a family—owned box business in 1985. Through hard work and determination, our business has significantly improved its products and services over the years to meet the growing needs of our customers. Based in Orlando, Florida and home to a 70,000 square foot warehouse, Boxes Etc., Inc. has been providing quality packaging products at competitive prices to individuals and businesses for more than 30 years.

Boxes Etc., Inc. is a full—service wholesale box and corrugated supply business offering standard and custom-designed boxes and a complete line of packaging supplies such as peanuts, tape, bubble wrap, mailers, tubes, newsprint, stretch wrap and much more. Boxes Etc., Inc. now offers contract packaging services, including design, assembly, warehousing and distribution.


The lifeline to every business is the customer; therefore our goal at Boxes Etc., Inc. is to offer quality, cost-efficient products and services to meet the diversified needs of our valued customers so they too can be successful businesses and individuals.

We are located at:

1125 Gills Drive, Suite# 800
Orlando, FL 32824

(877) 355-0907
Fax: (407) 355-0904